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Many layout bugfixes and a complete integration of the Plesk Web-Users. A Web-User is not an additional FTP-User and is displayed different. If the FTP-User of a Web-User will be deleted, the complete Web-User will be also deleted.

New Filter has been added for viewing only existing recipient addresses. Thanks to Daniel Schättgen for the idea and basic implementation.

Spamdyke Control Panel 2.3.4

New in version 2.3.4! It possible to set up DNS-Whitelists in the administration. This prevents of false-positives and speed up the greylisting. If the sender is known on the DNS-Whitelist he hasn't to pass greylisting.

This DNS-Whitelist is recommended:

A little update of the SCP2 to version 2.3.3 ! As an eyecatcher the TOP5 statistics got cakegraphic for the different sections. At the moment this is just in the onlineview possible, not in the daily report.


First final release! Automatic abuse function for admin to inform the webmaster of a spamming server. The template for the generated mail can be edited in the administration. Some Bugs are fixed for the final V1.0.0.

The automatic abuse function is reserved for the admin.

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