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DynDNS Control Panel


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Version 1.6
Full Plsk Onyx 17.x Support

Version 1.4.1
Fix dynupdate. Token url on some systems won't work

Version 1.4

More than the abonnement domain can be used to create dyndns hosts

Version 1.3
Plesk 12.x integration and store fix in internal DB.

Version 1.2.1
Bugfix while updating IP via Token-URL

Version 1.2
Full Plesk 11.5 integration fix for the new Plesk vhost structure

Version 1.1.1
Fixes for Plesk 11.5.x

Version 1.1
Usermanagement added to grant and remove access for other users

Version 1.0
First final release including autoupdate

Version 0.9
First testing beta



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